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Some Key Difference Between Aussies & Kiwis
( Convicts / Settlers )

The whole world often dumps Kiwis & Aussies in the same geographical blob, but there are numerous & vast differences between the two countries (although, admittedly, a huge amount of similarities too).

Firstly, NZ & Aus are a good 2000km apart and it takes 3 hours flying time in a jet plane, over nothing but water, to get to Australia (and that is just to get to the most Easterly point of that huge land mass, equivalent in size to Europe). Australia is sun baked, dry & flat – NZ is cooler, wetter & mountainous.

Australia was already being settled by 'convicts & prisoners' of Britain (often for menial crimes) a good 50 years before British ‘colonialists’ started to settle in New Zealand i.e. Anglican church in Christchurch (considered the most English city outside of England), the Scottish in Dunedin (Dunedin being the old name for Edinburgh, Scotland)...

Australia is full of crap that will bite you, eat you or have a good old go at killing you. Even after all this time the most dangerous thing in NZ are bumblebees (every year there a few folk who get stung and discover they are allergic to them and have a bit of a bad reaction). Short of a cow going to sleep and falling on top of you, you’re pretty safe in good ol' NZ.

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