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L&P (Lemon & Paeroa)

Well known to all Kiwis, and particularly enjoyed by young kiwis, is L&P (Lemon & Paeroa) an iconic Kiwi softdrink. The, surprisingly, refreshing fizzy drink is best enjoyed on a long hot L&P bottlesummer's day (it mixes well with Bourbon too).

What has helped make it an institution in Kiwi culture has been it’s tongue in cheek mantra of “World-famous in Paeroa since aaagggeeees ago”. Paeroa being a fairly non-descript town in the middle of the North Island, famous for… erm… making L&P.

To capitalize on the town's increasing fame, they had a huge fibreglass bottle of L&P plonked into the middle of the main road for tourists. 10'ish years ago they had to move the it further away from the road, since too many idiots kept having traffic accidents while trying to drive and gawk at the bottle at the same time.

A cool advert can be seen online which actually has Jemaine Clement doing the voiceover. The advert, which has become a bit of a classic Kiwi culture itself, references L&P and ‘Stubbies’ which were a very popular style of shorts worn by every young boy back in the 70’s. Check out the YouTube video here.

If you’re ever in NZ, make sure you try some L&P to wash down your Rashuns (an indigenous ‘cheese & bacon flavoured corn snack'). Yummy.

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