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Miami - 7th April 2009
Conchords Meet the Fans

The following pictures were sent in from Natalie Trujillo, after the Flight of the Conchords 2nd gig in Miami, Florida.

Natalie and her boyfriend, Andres, were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and caught up with the guys after the gig on Tuesday night. A big thanks to her for sending them through, but, now, in her own words...

Signed ticket by the Flight of the Conchords

" I was so nervous when I first saw them come out. Bret was a real sweetheart. He gave me a hug and signed my ticket and asked for my name and I told him it was on the ticket...when he looked at it he joked about my last name (Trujillo, he couldn't pronounce it right lol). He asked me if I enjoyed the show and made some small talk :) "

Flight of the Conchords - Miami 2009

" My boyfriend (Andres) shook Bret's hand and also got his ticket signed! It was so hard for me to take the picture because I was shaking so much from excitement! "

Flight of the Conchords - Miami 2009

" Jemaine was the first to come over to us. He seemed a bit more shy then Bret but he was so nice to us. I asked for a hug and he gave me one :) !!! I asked for his autograph and picture and did both! He was really great! "

Flight of the Conchords - Miami 2009

" Andres got to hug Jemaine too. He was so nervous! He got an autograph and photo and then spoke to him. Andres asked about how they got started and Jemaine told him about how he and Bret lived together and were starting to learn how to play guitar at the same time, so they got together to practice formed what they are today. He was so sweet!!! "

Flight of the Conchords - Miami 2009

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